Blockchain Developer

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Angular Blockchain Ico c#

Job description

Blockchain Developer:


  • Hands on coding of Blockchain platforms.
  • A key leader within the Blockchain Practice (Companies Advanced Technology & Applied Innovation center), developing a definition and shaping our value proposition going forward.
  • Engaging with clients to identify use cases for Blockchain and DLT technologies Learning through research and proof of concepts.
  • Supporting Sales and Delivery, attending client meetings to advise as well as showcase company capabilities in the Blockchain space.
  • Managing stakeholders, both internally and externally (for example, leading a POC on client site, driving workshops, mapping technologies to use cases).
  • Working closely with software developers to deliver value-driven solutions .
  • Attending C-level meetings to represent the technical delivery team, contributing ideas and plans.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest trends and tools in the Blockchain/DLT Learning space, attending industry events and conferences and reading the latest white papers.
  • Representing company at external conferences, internal events and in media (blogs, thought leadership material).
  • Building and mentoring a team of technical talent, inspiring and leading your individual practice as well as collaborating with expertise in other areas of our business.
  • Acting as an SME in this field, advising and collaborating with other projects and teams.
  • Maintaining relationships with relevant FinTech start-ups.

Essential Requirements:

  • Bitcoin: transaction Scripting, differences between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptography: Asymmetric (pub/priv key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures
  • Distributed consensus methodologies: mining, PoW Paxos, DpoS
  • Distributed ledger technologies: Solidity, Truffle, Infura, Geth, Parity, Quoru, Kotlin
  • Data structures & security

Must know one or more of these languages:

  • Python, C, C++, C#, Golang,

On the Front End must be able to work with:

  • React, Redux, Vue, Angular, CSS, Node

On the Back End can work with:

  • Redis, Consul
  • Cloud services like AWS or Azure
  • And these database and storage systems:
  • Distributed storages: IPFS, Swarm, or Sia
  • Container storages: Docker/Docker Compose, Kubernetes

Additionally, the candidate will have:

  • With multiple Blockchain systems including Ethereum, NEO and EOS
  • Experience with off-chain frameworks
  • Experience in asynchronous programming
  • Hands on Blockchain coding.
  • Experience in the design & development of REST APIs
  • Hands on experience developing APIs and SDKs
  • High quality and test-oriented code
  • A deep understanding of blockchain technology & cryptoeconomic protocols
  • A passion for distributed systems that are stable and scalable

The Candidate should have:

  • Have a university degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Be familiar with open-source software
  • Have an active GitHub profile and willingness to contribute to community
  • Understand the ICO and token creation processes
  • Understand the blockchain start-up culture

Personality traits:

  • Deal with ambiguity and high-stress environments
  • Communicate well with both technical and non-technical teams
  • Collaborate and share knowledge with other developers

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